Orscheln Products Offers Push Button Shift Selectors for Trucks

20140304_160413Orscheln Products manufactures push button shift selectors for trucks and other vehicles on the heavy-duty marketplace. These push button shift selectors from Orscheln Products are programmed to communicate with an electric motor actuator over CAN J1939 and are designed for electro-mechanical transmissions. Orscheln’s push button shift selectors for trucks feature a programmable control and communication PCB, along with options for button labeling and interchangeable bezel configurations.

Additionally, Orscheln’s push button shift selectors are designed with ease of use in mind, as it as a bright OLED display, back-lit buttons, and a u-bracket panel mount for ease of installation.

If you’re interested in getting more information about Orscheln Products’ push button shift selectors, please contact the Sales Team today.