Orscheln Products Designs and Manufactures Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engine Controls

Orscheln Products designs and manufactures a variety of lever operated valve controls. With our in-house experienced engineering staff, we offer a variety of lever operated valve controls, from the traditional spring centered valve control lever, to the more heavy duty levers in standard and push button, gated configuration. The things that make Orscheln Products’ lever operated valve controls stand out from the competition is the quality of our materials, the durability of our products, and the reliability of our staff. Other lever operated valve controls available are the traditional “dump body” style controls in both the rugged, T- release type “Felsted™ shifter” and the economic, side push button release, NG shifter styles. Orscheln Products can provide optional mounting towers in single, double and triple configurations also connection kits and hardware. Contact an Orscheln sales representative today for further information on these products!