Heavy-Duty Throttle Pedals from Orscheln Products

Orscheln Products Foot PedalAs a global leader in the production of motion control systems and solutions, Orscheln Products manufactures heavy-duty throttle pedals. These quality foot pedals are designed to deliver a precision signal that interacts with a diesel engine’s electronic fuel management systems.

Orscheln’s heavy-duty throttle pedals are made out of incredibly lightweight polymer components in order to provide a pedal that weighs about 1.9 pounds (.86kg), or as much as half the weight of other similar pedals on the marketplace. The pedals are also designed to be durable, with ratings at 10 million full stroke cycles and 80 million dither cycles ±1 degree, mid range. They also feature a maximum voltage of 13.5 Vdc and a power rating of 0.15 W @ 85°C.

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