For Electronic Motor Actuators, Contact Orscheln Products

As part of Orscheln Products’ complete electronic shift actuator systems, the electronic motor actuators feature an integrated motor controller with J1939 control protocol and are available in 12 or 24 volt. As a result of this integrated motor controller, Orscheln’s electronic motor actuators only require the DC power and digital communications signal to be connected for operation. The linear shaft output on Orscheln Products’ electronic motor actuators is designed to allow the actuator to be set up for either a direct connection or remote connection via a control cable. Due to the “high output” design, Orscheln’s electronic motor actuators can provide a mechanical output force up to 150 pounds and are designed to have a positioning accuracy of 0.050 inch. For more information on Orscheln Products’ electronic motor actuators, please contact the Sales Team today.