EV2 Hand Throttles for On-Highway Applications

Are you an OEM or aftermarket customer searching for electronic hand throttles for your control system? You’ve come to the right place. Orscheln Products, headquartered in Moberly, MO, provides a wide variety of hand throttles that are designed and manufactured to fit our customer’s specific needs.

At Orscheln, we understood what on-highway drivers wanted. We listened to our customers and heard what they requested. Our customers wanted safe, reliable, durable solutions that they were proud to use in their applications.

Orscheln Products offers an EV2 hand throttle for on-highway applications that is intended to provide an accurate, variable speed adjustment for electronically controlled engines. Orscheln’s EV2 hand throttle is designed to be easy to operate due to its large diameter and easily adjustable knobs.

What EV2 hand throttles can do for you

  1. Controllable: These hand throttles are completely controllable for drivers. It is a simple device that can be operated by hand. EV2 throttles are able to be managed from stationary engines or from a stable, remote operation position on moving equipment.
  2. Precise: This is a precise, and efficient throttle that provides accurate speed adjustment.
  3. Simple: Customers always prefer the most simple device. It’s easier to manage and understand. An EV2 hand throttle is able to be controlled in any continuous engine speed for all electronic engines.  
  4. Safety is key: At Orscheln, we strive to keep our customers safe. An EV2 is created to not be able to be pulled open, because it’s made with reliable, durable material. It was tested to not be able to be jarred open in any instance.

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At Orscheln Products L.L.C., we listened to our customers and understood what our drivers needed. We understood the need for safety, simplicity, and precision. Reach out to an engineer today to learn if an EV2 hand throttle would be right for you.

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