Electronic Throttle Control and Electronic Hand Throttles by Orscheln

Electronic Throttle Control and Electronic Hand Throttles by Orscheln.
If you’re looking for an electronic throttle control, consider electronic hand throttles by Orscheln Products. A global supplier of motion control products and systems for the heavy-duty vehicle marketplace, OrschelnProducts offers two electronic hand throttle designs. Here are some details about these two designs so you can choose the one to fit your specific needs.

The first electronic hand throttle design works with the Orscheln Hall-Effect Sensor. This design uses polymer housing and a short lever arm. These features allow for easy hand operation by incorporating an attached, customer designed cable.

The other electronic hand throttle design is called the EV2 vernier control. This design is specifically for speed adjustment on stationary engines that are electronically controlled, or for mobile equipment from a remote operating position. Because the EV2 is pre-set at the factory, there is no need for field adjustment.

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