Electronic Smart Actuators from Orscheln Products


Orscheln Products provides electronic smart actuators for a variety of motion control applications. These electronic smart actuators from Orscheln Products feature an integrated motor controller with J1939 control protocol that may help increase the reliability of motor feedback. Only two wires- the DC power and the digital communications signal- need to be connected. The motor feedback also uses Orscheln’s non-contact hall effect sensors. The electronic smart actuators from Orscheln Products are designed to meet a range of customer requirements, and they can be set up for either a direct or remote connection. The sealed actuator design with a heavy-duty metal enclosure allows the ESAS to be located virtually anywhere. If the standard electronic smart actuator is not suitable for a customer’s application, Orscheln’s team of engineers is capable of designing a custom solution. To learn more about Orscheln’s electronic smart actuators, contact the Sales Team today.