Electronic Push Button Shift Selectors from Orscheln Products

PBSS1-300x300Are you an OEM or aftermarket customer looking for an electronic push button shift selector that you can rely on? Orscheln Products is a global leader in the electronic push button shift selector industry. Orscheln Products may be headquartered in Moberly, MO, but Orscheln has locations all over the globe. Don’t let distance be a deciding factor on where you purchase your electronic push button shift selector. Whether you are in America, India, or any other country, Orscheln can assist you with your specific needs. Orscheln Products designs and manufactures their electronic push button shift selectors to meet the standards and quality requirements of each individual customer. Orscheln’s electronic push button shift selector is intended to feature the following benefits:

Product Features:

  • OEM applications for automatic, automated manual, and hybrid power trains
  • CAN communication enabled for interface with vehicle systems
  • Shift selector powered by driver control module
  • Graphic display advisory system
  • Diagnostics available for transmissions enabled with this function
  • Programmable circuit board
  • Vehicle interlock flexibility

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