Control Head Control Cables

A need for mechanical Control Head Control Cables should be provided by Orscheln Products.

Why Orscheln Products L.L.C. for mechanical Control Head Control Cables? We’re glad you asked! Orscheln is a global leader in the production of cable products. Orscheln Products is proud of our ability to hold the capability to provide a wide range of manufacturing capabilities from stranding and extrusion, to stamping and plating, to die-cast, and injection molding. Orscheln utilizes our capabilities to produce high-quality solutions at the quantity that meets your needs no matter how large or small.

Control head control cables and more cable offerings.

In addition to the standard mechanical control head control cables, Orscheln Products offers multiple standard cable products. Orscheln offers Push-Pull, Valve Control, T-Handle, Throttle, and Tension standard cables to our aftermarket and OEM customers.

Perhaps you’re looking for something really specific? No worries, Orscheln has a professional team of engineers with the ability to offer custom solutions. Our engineer team is committed to listening to each customer and delivering solutions that have the potential to serve customer needs and expectations from light-duty strand assembly to the heaviest tension or high-efficiency push-pull cable assembly.Control Head Control Cables

While you’re looking at control head control cables, explore our electronic solutions.

Orscheln’s Electronic Throttle Control Systems (ETCS) offers a solution to our customers which keeps up with the ever-changing industry standards. Orscheln strives to provide the best products on the market to meet our aftermarket and OEM customer’s needs. Orscheln’s throttle systems deliver a precision signal which can communicate with the engine’s electronic fuel management system and provide an easy and seamless responsive interface with the operator.

  1. EV2 vernier control: This is a hand-operated device that controls the engine’s speed. This can operate stationary engines from a remote operating position. It does this by translating the mechanical position to a signal. This allows it to be controlled from a remote area.
  2.  Electronic foot pedals: These foot pedals are for floor mounted designs or designs that are suspended. They work to interact with the engine’s management system. It allows the driver to operate smoothly and productively. Our pedals are so lightweight that they are under half the weight of most on the market today.
  3. Dual-Hall Effect sensors: This sensor is independently and dependently programmable. It allows for analog results through digital techniques.
Electronic Controls are designed to be:
  • Floor Mount or Suspended Foot Pedal Assemblies
  • Hand Throttle Assemblies
  • IP67,-40°C to 85°C operation range
  • Tested to SAEJ1455

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