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If your company is interested in Electronic Throttle Control Systems for heavy duty vehicles, contact Orscheln Products. Orscheln Products is a manufacturer of electronic throttle control systems for trucks, hybrid vehicles, buses, military vehicles, vans, construction vehicles and equipment, stationary equipment, agriculture vehicles and equipment, and CNG. At Orscheln Products, our goal is to design and produce electronic throttle control systems using the latest technology and quality parts and materials. The electronic throttle control systems are available in a wide variety of configurations, and use either contact or non-contact technology with the Orscheln sensor. The sensor is able to provide outputs in Ascendent, Descendent, A+D, Dual Output (A+ Half A), P.W.M., and Signals+Switch. At Orscheln Products, we produce standard floor mounted, suspended, and hand-controlled throttles. Our engineers can also create custom solutions that are designed to account for the customer’s ergonomic, mounting and space envelope requirements.

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