Consult with Orscheln Products to find the perfect engine, valve or pump control to fit your application.

Consult with Orscheln Products’ engineers to find the perfect engine, valve or pump control to fit your engine. At Orscheln Products, we pride ourselves in having an in-house team of sales people, engineers, and product testers to help make sure that our products are made to high internal and customer specifications. Orscheln Products manufactures a variety of Felsted engine, valve, and pump controls and these items are available for both on-road and off-road markets. As we’ve been producing these parts for over 25 years, we have many years of valuable experience. We know that vehicles produced today need reliable electronic parts and lightweight and corrosion materials. That’s why we believe the engine, valve and pump controls produced at Orscheln Products are a good solution for many different types of vehicles. We even produce foot pedals and hand vernier controls for the new generation of electronic controlled diesel engines. If you’d like to learn more about Orscheln Products’ line of engine, valve, and pump controls, click here to read our comprehensive product brochure.