An Alternative Choice: Electronic Hand Pedals

motion control systems north americaAre you an OEM or aftermarket customer searching for an alternative to the standard foot pedal? Those searching for an alternative to the traditional foot pedal turn to Orscheln Products for electronic hand pedals. Electronic hand pedals are engineered and designed to ease the operation of off-highway applications. Many off-highway applications require a form of electronic communication between the application operator and fuel management system. Electronic hand pedals are ideal for customers that desire hand control of the engine with minimal effort on the operator’s side. OEMs and aftermarket customers commonly select electronic hand pedals instead of foot pedals because a few of the following designed highlighted features:


  • Remote location
  • In-cab location
  • Ease of operation
  • Optional quick shut-down feature

When you are ready to select a better alternative to the traditional foot pedal, follow this link to contact a member of the Orscheln Products Sales Group to place your order.