Throttle Controls

Are you in the market, researching throttle controls for your OEM application?

Throttle Controls

Are you an OEM or aftermarket customer in the motion control systems industry looking for throttle controls for an application? You’re in the right place. Orscheln Products L.L.C. is considered a global leader in the production of cable products. By continuing to design and manufacture the Felsted and ACCO control cable product lines, along with our vast line of brake cables, we are proud to offer one of the most diverse cable offerings in the world.

Orscheln’s throttle controls.

Our throttle controls, also known as accelerator cables, are a part of our extensive, wide range of standard cable products. Our standard options include throttle controls, but also include push-pull, control head, T-handle, valve control and tension control cables. Orscheln’s throttle controls provide a smooth link between your application’s gas pedal and the engine’s throttle plate.

The best part of working with us? Our extensive distributor network. Orscheln Products L.L.C. has a network of over 100 distributor cable assemblers referred to as F.A.S.T  around the world that can custom make control cables and other products. Our distributors can be found across 25 countries.

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Offering sealed control cables systems.

We offer rod and sleeve seals which protect against moisture regression. Seals keep strand lubricant inside cable and dirt/water out. A thick wall polymer jacket is extruded onto the cable casing to protect against water, dirt, and abrasion.

Parking brake systems & parking brake cables.

For everything, your parking brake system needs from a motion control systems provider – parking brake levers, parking brake cables, and cable locks. Orscheln Products L.L.C. offers over center style Park Brake Levers and Foot Pedal Levers have been the industry standard for over 70 years. We have various mounting configurations, handle length, locking, and light switch options available:

Partner with Orscheln Products L.L.C. for standard or custom throttle controls.