Mechanical control systems for motorhomes

Orscheln Products L.L.C. provides mechanical control systems for a variety of motorized applications, such as motorhomes. Orscheln Products understands how imperative it is for end-user customers to own a motorhome with industry-leading manufacturing quality. Therefore, it’s just as imperative for our OEM and aftermarket customers to have reliable mechanical control systems during the motorhome manufacturing process.

Mechanical control systems for motor homes

What are mechanical control systems for motorhomes?

Mechanical control systems for motorhomes are the powerhouse of your application. Our unique mechanical control systems manage and control the inherent capabilities of your motorhome. It aids in its existence and performance. Therefore, as Orscheln designs and manufactures mechanical control systems, we strive to produce systems that will safely and effectively aid your application.

We are the global supplier of mechanical control systems

At Orscheln, we pride ourselves on being the world’s supplier for mechanical control systems for motorhomes and other motorized vehicles. For over 70 years, Orscheln has supplied quality and efficient mechanical control systems to our loyal customers for on and off-highway vehicles.

Orscheln Products has the ability to design mechanical control systems for motorhomes that are catered to your application’s requirements. Each system has a robust design that allows for in-house testing and validation capabilities.

At Orscheln, we enjoy helping our customers. This value runs deep throughout our business. Over the years we’ve been in business, we have formed trusted partners and distributors that we can trust. We have a wide network of over 100 proud distributor cable assemblers. We call this helpful team of distributors, F.A.S.T. (Felsted Assembled Systems Technology) for their undivided attention and efficient supply chains. These distributors are located in 25 countries around the world allowing everyone to have access to our products.

We supply more than mechanical control systems for motorhomes…

Our global market expands to an abundance of mechanical control systems for on and off-highway applications. From farm machinery and trucks to military applications, our mechanical control systems are deeply rooted in the industry.

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