Mechanical Control Systems for Farm Machinery

Orscheln Products L.L.C. offers OEM or aftermarket customer solutions for mechanical control systems for farm machinery?

When you partner with Orscheln Products L.L.C., OEM and aftermarket customers can rest assured they are partnering with a global supplier to the motion control systems industry. Currently, Orscheln serves 5 different industries which include providing products to meet your needs that fall into mechanical control systems for farm machinery. With Orschlen’s ability to continue to evolve and expand its product line is a testament to our success as an industry leader.

Off-Highway Industry + Mechanical control systems for farm machinery

Orscheln designs and manufactures mechanical and electronic controls for off-highway equipment in the agricultural, construction and mining markets. Our team of professionals supplies these industries with custom solutions provided to OEMs globally from Orschelns’ USA, Europe, and India sites. OEMs benefit from Orschelns’ 70 years of experience providing components for off-highway applications. Orscheln provides standard products for this market, as well as many custom designs for OEMs.

Key Products for Farm Machinery & Off-Highway Industries

  • Electronic hand and foot pedals
  • Fluid level indicators, or dipsticks
  • Hand brake levers
  • Brake cables
  • Custom controls cables – temperature rating, size, and length

Common Platforms

  • Cummins
  • CAT
  • John Deere

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Mechanical control systems for buses

Orscheln provides mechanical control system solutions for bus applications. If you’re an engineer for buses, you understand the serious implications of building a sound and strong bus. When people depend on your bus to get them from point A to point B safely, don’t cut corners! Build your application with high-quality products. Orscheln Products offers mechanical control cables for buses that promote dependability and strength.

Mechanical control systems for trucks

In addition to providing solutions for farm machinery and buses, trucks are another application Orschlen Products LLC serves in our on and off-highway industries. A main benefit for truck applications? Fully programmable, completely custom hall-effect sensors for trucks. Customers are capable of choosing from a variety of configurations that are designed and manufactured to benefit their application. These configurations can include sensor outputs (dual analog or PWM), connector, connector configuration, electrical ratings, mechanical ratings, and environmental validation.