Quality Electronic Hall-Effect Sensors from Orscheln Products

Are you in the market for Orscheln Product’sQuality Electronic Hall-Effect Sensors?

Are you an OEM or aftermarket customer looking for quality electronic hall-effect sensors to fit your application or your industry? You’re in the right place! Orscheln Products designs and manufactures our dual output hall effect sensor as a part of our electronic throttle controls product line.


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The Dual Output Hall-Effect Sensor is a testiment to Orscheln Products’s continuous commitment to manufacturing quality, leading-edge products and providing superior service. For this reason, Orscheln Products has built a reputation as the leading global supplier of motion control systems.

About Orscheln

The Dual Output Hall-Effect Sensor Specs.

Quality electronic hall-effect sensors from Orscheln Products L.L.C. includes a durable, reliable, and completely programmable dual analog and PWM hall effect sensors that are designed to provide a more precise signal to the engine’s electronic fuel management system.

  • Programmable dual analog & PWM hall effect sensors
  • Delphi 6 Pin Connector
  • Pairs well with the P/N 12066317.
  • Offering a wide range of connector configurations and quality electrical and mechanical ratings

FMVSS Requirments? Check.

The Orscheln Hall-Effect Sensor has dual, electrically independent and independently programmed sensors. Redundant sensors meet FMVSS requirements and allow for fast, accurate and correlated verification of sensor angle by the engine’s electronic fuel management systems.

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International Hall Effect Sensor Provider.

Orscheln Products L.L.C. is an American company headquartered in Moberly, MO, offers customers around the world quality electronic hall-effect sensors. Currently, Orscheln Products L.L.C. has offices in Europe, India and China.

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