Quality custom parking brake cable

Have you spent hours searching for a provider to offer a quality custom parking brake cable?

In the motion control systems industry, we notice many OEM and aftermarket customers search for providers that can offer the best of both worlds – a parking brake cable and affordability. When it comes to choosing a provider, it ultimately results in a price war. Who can offer the cheapest price for a quality custom parking brake cable for my application?

Orscheln has the team and history of excellence to provide a quality custom parking brake cable.

If you’re looking for a quality custom parking brake cable for your application, why prioritize price over quality? For quality, you’re in the right place. Since 1946, Orscheln Products continues to supply the world with innovative solutions. In our industry, we have built a reputation as one of the leading global suppliers of motion control systems. Our secret to success?  The continuous commitment by our team to manufacture quality, leading-edge products and provide superior service.

In addition to custom parking brake cables, we manufacture custom emergency brake cables for security.

The emergency brake system is separate from the main brakes in case of brake failure. So it is standard to add emergency brake cables to most applications. Our professional team of engineers has the ability to create custom solutions for your brake requirements. Every Orscheln Products Test Engineer is devoted to ensuring each Orscheln product is designed to function at the highest level of integrity.

Offering a complete parking brake system.

A parking brake system includes a park brake lever, foot pedal levers, park brake cables and tilt cab lock systems. In addition to these essential components, Orscheln offers cable hardware to connect your cable to any common parking brake systems, including equalizers for 2 brake systems.

Parking brakes for your application, including aircraft parking brakes.

Orscheln Products L.L.C. manufactures quality custom parking brakes for many applications in different industries. We parking brakes for aircrafts, trucks, buses, school buses, delivery vehicles, military vehicles and more.

Work with a provider that offers a quality custom parking brake cable for your application.



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