Primary and Emergency Landing Gear Controls for Jets

As a part of our aerospace control systems product line, we offer primary and emergency landing gear controls for jets and aircraft applications. Primary and emergency landing gear controls are essential to aircraft fliers. Therefore, it’s essential to use landing gear controls that are durable and concise.

We are professional manufacturers of aircraft applications and have been for years.  All aircraft control cables for jets are built in our corporate headquarters in Moberly Missouri, with careful care and precision. They are FAA-PMA compliant to reach the industry standards. We wouldn’t send anything out in the air without careful consideration and meticulous steps followed. Each step is done with us at Orscheln.

  1. Initial design: The initial design is implemented and built in our dedicated manufacturing cell.
  2. Prototype: A prototype is created to ensure verification from our customers.
  3. Certification: We receive assurance that our landing gears are exceeding standards.
  4. Production: The primary or emergency landing gear is produced and ready to be received.

Custom and experienced design for jets

Our designs are custom designed in-house. We understand the need for cables to fit within the tight packaging spaces that are in aircraft designs. For it to exceed perfection it must meet the need of the customer. We can create it to fit your aircraft so you won’t ever have to worry again.

Certified industry standards 

SO 9001:2008 and AS9100C

ISO 14001: 2004

FAA PMA Approved QMS 

We added aircraft control cables to our company in 1998. Our business has supplied quality, durable aircraft controls ever since. We really focus our time on creating products that work and last. We don’t want to create aircraft controls for jets that our customers won’t be satisfied with. It’s our duty to serve you with the best controls for jets. It’s our vision to supply customizable and long-lasting aircraft controls for primary and emergency landings for all fliers.

Our emergency landing and primary landing controls for jets are durable.

Orscheln has been the world leader in design and manufacturing of motion control products for aviation. With over 70 years under our belt, we can create emergency and primary landing controls for jets. We dedicate our service to the product and design functionality. Quality testing is available through an in-house facility and certified outdoor laboratories for extra caution.

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