Orscheln Products manufactures custom Fluid Level Indicators.

Orscheln Products creates and designs custom fluid level indicators, also known as dipstick assemblies, within the global market. Our Twist2Lock Fluid Level Indicator product line is suited for a variety of heavy-duty engines and transmissions. The Twist2Lock design accommodates check, check/fill, or fill-only applications for engines, transmissions, and other applications.

Orscheln’s Twist2Lock Fluid Indicator + Accuracy

Our Fluid Level Indicators are manufactured as a complete system, allowing for complete precision. A complete assembly includes a tube, locking cap, and indicator. The patented locking cap on the Twist2Lock Fluid Level Indicator increases the accuracy of fluid level, allowing for greater powertrain performance. Orscheln’s particular design eliminates oil leakage “blow-by” at the cap and at the engine block. Our locking cap eliminates loose or lost sticks caused by vibration.

Customer customization

The power is in your hands to customize the look of your fluid level indicator.


  • Custom end fittings: A variety of metal and polymers tube materials can be applied for custom end fittings to accommodate to your unique engine or transmission.
  • Formed metal tubings: We supply in-house tube forming capabilities for complex or simple routings.
  • Custom colorings: Customize the look of your fluid level indicator by color.
  • Versatile applications: our fluid level indicators can be applied to almost any mobile vehicle.
  • Customer specific blade and markings: Design your blade type or markings.



We have a large inventory of tube materials that are capable of handling a combination of temperatures and routes. This allows for support for different engines, transmissions, and other fluid system operating environments.

Since the unit is manufactured as a complete system, it can be customized to meet the customer’s unique requirements. The fluid level indicators we manufacture are part of a fully calibrated system – not just parts. We believe in repeatable accuracy when checking our engines and transmissions. This creates and assures our products are performing to its full capabilities.

What can dipstick assemblies be applied to?

Although our dipstick assemblies can be custom made, they can be applied to a variety of mobile vehicles.

  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Motorhomes
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Diesel & gasoline engines
  • Natural gas engines
  • Transmissions


Orscheln is your one-stop shop for indicating fluid levels

Orscheln Products acts as a one-stop shop for all of your fluid level indicator needs. We offer in-house design, engineering, and DVP&R. We have over one million units in the field, and we’re still growing! If you’re ready to talk about pricing, contact Orschlen’s sales team. 


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