Dependable Tilt Cab Lock Systems

Are you looking for dependable tilt cab lock systems for your application?

If you’re an OEM or aftermarket customer looking for dependable Tilt Cab Lock Systems for your application, you’re in the right place. Orscheln Products L.L.C. continues to manufacture reliable Tilt Cab Lock Systems for the motion control systems industry after 30 years in the market. Orscheln’s Tilt Cab Lock Systems are a part of our parking bake product line. The title cab lock system was patented in 1978 and continues to be one of Orscheln’s top-selling products. At Orscheln Products, we know safety and reliability are very important to our customers so we take great care in the design and manufacturing of our products. This dedication is reflected in Orscheln’s capabilities as a provider.

tilt cab lock system

Tilt cab lock system features

If you are looking for a new tilt cab lock system for your application, check out some of the features that make Orscheln Products’ tilt cab lock system unique.

  • Heavy duty lightweight castings
  • High strength steel parts for durability
  • High tensile load ability for recoil and impact solutions
  • Any misalignment of the upper and lower is compensated by a 3″ diameter target
  • The upper unit can be exited 30 degrees in any direction

These are only a few of the product features you will get when using an Orscheln Products Tilt Cab Lock System. Click here to see the full list of parking brake & cab lock product features.

Additional park brake system solutions.

Cab locks are just one product solution in Orscheln’s complete park brake system. Additional product solutions include park brake levers, park brake cables, and cab locks.

Park brake & foot pedal levers

Orscheln Products’ over center style park brake levers and foot pedal levers have been the industry standard for over 70 years. Orscheln has various mounting configurations, handle length, locking, and light switch options available. For most applications, a standard “Overcenter” Hand Lever or Foot Pedal lever is the best solution. However, where specific mounting or other custom features are required, we have the ability to design a lever to meet your specific needs.

Park brake cables

Orscheln park brake cables are a premium design. Our fully jacketed conduit and plastic coated strand provide corrosion and abrasion protection while improving cable efficiency. Brake Cables are sealed to keep lubricant in and dirt and water out. We also offer cable hardware to connect your cable to any common parking brake systems, including equalizers for 2 brake systems.

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