Throttle Controls with Friction Pads from Orscheln Products

OEMs and consumers all over the world can turn to Orscheln Products for a range of motion control systems for the heavy-duty marketplace. Orscheln manufactures quality throttle controls with friction pads, designed for tough conditions on mining and construction equipment, drilling rigs, and on and off highway equipment that require an adjustable throttle control that stays in place.

The friction pads on the throttle controls are developed from a special material that gives the control a quality feel and settings required in an environment where vibration and contaminants are present. Additionally, the hand-operated throttle controls with friction pads from Orscheln Products are designed to connect to a push-pull cable that’s attached to the engine governor.

To determine which throttle controls with friction pads from Orscheln Products best suit your application, view the appropriate section on the Engine, Valve, and Pump Controls Catalog and view the options available.

For further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Orscheln Products’ Sales Team today.