Suspended Electronic Throttle Controls

Global-Suspended1-300x300Are you an OEM or aftermarket customer in search of suspended electronic throttle controls for various applications? Orscheln Products designs and manufactures quality suspended electronic throttle controls for a wide array of heavy-duty applications for private, commercial, and military use. Suspended electronic throttle controls are desired among OEMs and aftermarket customers because of the ease of installation and adaptable designs. Suspended electronic throttle controls by Orscheln Products are designed to resist corrosion and provide the customer with various connector options. OEMs and aftermarket customers use suspended electronic throttle controls to communicate between the user and the application’s fuel management system. Regardless of the type of heavy-duty application you have, it is important to get quality suspended electronic throttle controls. If you have further inquiries regarding suspended electronic throttle controls, contact a member of the Orscheln Products Sales Team today.