Shift Inhibitors for Automatic Transmissions

The automatic transmissions of heavy-duty vehicles can suffer major abuse from improper shifting. If your fleet of heavy-duty vehicles take on frequent stop-and-go PTO operations where engine speeds above idle are required, contact Orscheln Products about shift inhibitors for automatic transmissions. Orscheln’s shift inhibitors for automatic transmissions are designed to prevent costly drivetrain damage due to high RPM shifting. The shift inhibitors offered by Orscheln Products are engineered to delay the shifting process until the engine has returned to idle speed. Components of the shift inhibitor system include the shift inhibitor control, the push-pull cable, and transmission connection kit. Other components that are not supplied are the engine speed sensor, the speed switch, airbrake tubing, and fittings. To create the correct system for your application, contact the Orscheln Products Sales Team today.