RVO Controls for Hydraulic Spool Valves


Orscheln Products, a global leader in the supply of motion control systems and components, is proud to offer RVO controls for Hydraulic Spool Valves. Orscheln provides the Felsted™ remote valve operator (RVO), which is designed to permit highly efficient remote cable operation of hydraulic spool valves. The Felsted™ system is designed to allow for greater flexibility when planning valve placement. The control head is easily accessible to the operator, but the high pressure hydraulic lines are away from the cab area, separating the driver from the noise, heat, and inconvenience of the lines. The RVO Control system is made up of a control head, a cable, and a valve connection kit. For more information about RVO Controls for Hydraulic Spool Valves, as well as other motion control systems from Orscheln Products, contact the Sales Team by clicking here.