Quality Park Brake Levers

Park-Brake-Levers1-300x300For the past 65 years, Orscheln Products has been an industry leader in designing and manufacturing quality park brake levers. Orscheln’s park brake levers are designed for various mounting configurations, locking, handle length, and light switch options, meant to suit a wide range of customers’ applications. Orscheln Products offers a line of several standard park brake levers. Orscheln Products offers “West Coast” park brake levers as well as mounting bracket options. Mounting bracket options for park brake levers are designed to fit a customer’s heavy-duty needs. Orscheln Products also provides vertically or horizontally mounted foot pedals to assist in comfort for the user. The toggle position on Orscheln’s park brake levers are designed to provide the user with a mechanical advantage. To get more information, please click here to reach the Orscheln Products Sales Team today.