Quality Electronic Throttle Pedals

Throttle GroupAre you searching for quality electronic throttle pedals for your heavy-duty applications? Turn to Orscheln Products for your electronic throttle pedal needs. Orscheln Products engineers and designs multiple options for OEMs and aftermarket customers.  Orscheln Products has floor-mounted pedals, as well as suspended pedals for a wide range of heavy-duty applications. Pedals are a key part of the Orscheln Products electronic throttle control system. Searching for hand throttles? Orscheln Products manufactures quality electronic hand throttles as well. Orscheln’s hand throttle offerings include a hall effect sensor and an EV2 vernier control. Sensor technology is available in a wide variety of parts. Orscheln Products’ team can work with OEMs and aftermarket customers to determine their sensor needs. Click here to learn more about Orscheln Products’ quality electronic throttle pedals, or contact the Orscheln Products Sales Team today to start your order.