Programmable ESAS (Electronic Shift Actuator Systems) for Electromechanical Transmissions


Orscheln Products provides programmable ESAS (Electronic Shift Actuator Systems) for electromechanical transmissions to customers in the United States and all over the world. Orscheln Products’ electronic shift actuator systems are engineered to be programmed to communicate with the TCM to provide diagnostic feedback. The ESAS provides a shift-by-wire system that operates over CAN J1939 and can allow for bump shifting when needed. Composed of two parts, the Electronic Shift Actuator System is made up by the motion controller and the push button shift selector (PBSS). DC power and digital communications are the only wires which must be connected. This design helps to ensure easier installation of the motor controller. To learn more about Orscheln’s programmable electronic shift actuator systems, contact the Sales Team today.