Durable, Reliable Park Brake & Foot Pedal Levers

Custom Emergency brake handles

Orscheln Products is the market leader in parking brake cables and handles. Our custom emergency brake handles are designed in-house and time-tested to satisfy all of our drivers. From trucks and motorhomes to delivery vehicles and trailers, our emergency brake handles meet and exceed industry standards.

At Orscheln Products, we supply parking brake cables, park brake systems, park brake levers, foot pedal levels, and cab locks for emergency needs.

Benefits of Orscheln’s emergency brake handles

Durable and sturdy design

Each emergency brake is designed to withhold the test of time. Our robust nature of the design is the reason we’ve been in business for 70 years.

Custom design

Orscheln can design unique brake handles for each customer’s driving needs. We understand each vehicle has a different and unique design, which is why our brakes can be custom designed to fit your vehicle.


We design brakes for a variety of vehicles such as wheel loaders, farm machinery, bulldozers, cranes, excavators, trailers, military vehicles, etc.

In-house testing

Each product is tested in-house to assure quality performance.

Orscheln’s Park Brake Levers & Foot Pedal Levers

For over 70 years, our Park Brake Levers and Foot Pedal Levers have succeeded at being the industry standard. This is due to our dedication at pleasing our customers and their unique needs.

  • Various mounting configurations
  • Handle length
  • Locking
  • Light switch options

Where any type of specific feature is required, we have the ability to custom-design a parking brake lever for you.

Orscheln’s Parking Brake Cables & Cab Locks

Our parking brake cables supply a unique and premium design. Each cable is fully coated with robust, sturdy materials to withstand dirt and water. The parking brake cables are surrounded by a jacketed conduit and plastic coated strand to protect from corrosion.   Orscheln provides strength and precision within their cab locks to customers all around the globe. We manufacture Tilt Cab Lock Systems that have successfully been applied for over 30 years. The cab lock castings are lightweight and durable castings with steel parks.

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At Orscheln Products, we are here to supply parking brake cables, park brake systems, park brake levers, foot pedal levels, and cab locks for emergency needs. We are the industry leader and want you to see why.


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