Orscheln’s Hall effect sensors

Your competitive advantage: Hall Effect Sensors for throttle control systems.

Orscheln's Hall effect sensors

If you’re an OEM or aftermarket customer looking for a throttle pedal with a precise and smooth driver operation experience, you’re in the right place. Orscheln Products L.L.C. offers fast-reacting pedals with durable, longer-life programmable hall effect sensors. This is a true testament to our vast ability to provide solutions to OEM and aftermarket customers in the motion control systems industry. Orscheln designs and manufactures electronic throttle controls for engines in on-highway and off-highway applications.

Orscheln’s dual output Hall Effect Sensors

The Orscheln Hall-Effect Sensor has dual, electrically independent and independently programmed sensors. Redundant sensors meet FMVSS requirements and allow for fast, accurate and correlated verification of sensor angle by the engine’s electronic fuel management systems.

Common applications:

  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Motorhomes
  • Construction machinery
  • Farm machinery
  • Delivery Vehicles

Additional electronic throttle control solutions

The Hall Effect Sensor is just one of many solutions within Orscheln’s electronic throttle control product line. Orscheln Products is proud to design and manufacture electronic throttle control solutions for on-highway and off-highway applications.

Electronic throttle pedals

Orscheln offers electronic throttle pedals in floor mounted and suspended designs. Each delivers a precise signal that interacts with the engine’s electronic fuel management systems. The fast-reacting pedals provide smooth driver operation and feature a durable, longer-life programmable Orscheln Products Sensor. Polymer components create a lightweight pedal, as much as half the weight of current pedals in the marketplace. Steel base plates are available upon request.

EV2 vernier control

The EV2 vernier control is hand operated for precise, variable engine speed adjustment on electronically controlled stationary engines or from a remote operating position on mobile equipment. It uses a linear potentiometer to translate mechanical position to an electrical signal in order to control the engine from a remote location.

Orscheln’s in-house capabilities.

Orscheln Products has an exception engineering team which is comprised of talented professionals committed to listening to each customer and delivering solutions that serve customer needs and exceed expectations. Orscheln offers testing, engineering, project management and manufacturing services.

Testing: Orscheln Products’ 15,000 sq. ft. lab houses all of the testing operations built to prove each product meets internal and/or customer specified requirements.


Orscheln Products is ISO 9001:2008, AS9100C and ISO 14001:2004 certified.  Orscheln also maintains a FAA PMA Approved QMS. Orscheln Products Management follows the APQP product development process as part of our standard engineering/product development procedure.


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