Orscheln Products Produces NG Shifters for Trucks

Orscheln Products NG ShifterCustomers all over the world seeking quality motion control solutions for heavy-duty vehicles have turned to Orscheln Products. Orscheln Products produces NG shifters for trucks, which are designed to combine the strength and reliability of the t-handle shifter with the latest in manufacturing technologies to provide a quality control system for a range of customer applications. These “New Generation,” or NG shifters for trucks are available in a variety of configurations, some of which include:

  • Right or left-hand mounting
  • Push or pull to reverse
  • Top mounting plate available
  • Cable bracket angle factory preset at 0, 30, 60, or 90 degrees
  • Currently available for Allison® AT545, MT643, MT653DR, MT654CR, HT740, HT750CR, HT750DR, and HT754CR

To get more information about Orscheln Products’ NG shifters for trucks, please contact the Sales Team today.