Innovative solutions for motion control systems

Innovative solutions for motion control systemsOrscheln Products supplies the motion control systems industry with innovative solutions. Orscheln Products was established in 1946 with a commitment to manufacturing quality, leading-edge products and providing superior service. Orscheln’s products are reliable, durable, and practical solutions for our OEM and aftermarket customers.

A leader in the motion control systems industry.

In 1930, two brothers, Ed and William Orscheln, put their heads together to create a trucking business. Eight years later, a customer complained about a broken parking brake cable.  Frustrated with the quality and performance of standard parking brake cables, Al Orscheln drew his own design, created it in the shop, and sent the man on his way. This single moment in time launched Orscheln Products L.L.C.

Orschlen’s product line.

Orscheln’s family of products includes:

  • Park Brake Systems
  • Control Cables
  • Fluid Level Indicators (Dipsticks)
  • Electronic Throttle Controls
  • Electronic Shift Controls
  • Felsted™ line of heavy duty Mechanical Cables, Foot Pedals, and Shifters

Orscheln’s F.A.S.T.® distributor program.

To further increase service to customers, Orscheln Products has a distributor cable assembly program, called F.A.S.T. ®, with over 110 locations worldwide. F.A.S.T.® allows customers to receive Orscheln quality products in low volumes with a quick turnaround.  Orscheln Products are known for quality motion control systems. Our F.A.S.T.® distributors have access to our other Orscheln products. We encourage you to contact a distributor about stocking the items important to you so these products will be available to you F.A.S.T.® and eliminate the need to carry inventory at your facility.

Orscheln’s qualifications

Orscheln Products Engineering is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals committed to listening to each customer and delivering solutions that serve customer needs and exceed expectations. Check out our certifications and qualification certificates below.

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