Orscheln Products offers high quality, reliable cab lock systems.

For the past 30 years, Orscheln Products has had the responsibility of producing and providing reliable cab lock systems. The light cab locks are built to be durable, heavy duty, and built to have the strength for a lasting performance.  Cab Locks made by Orscheln Products are made from high-quality steel and other high-quality materials.  Not only does Orscheln Products build cab locks of high quality materials, but the cab lock system is paired with mechanical springs to ensure that the lock is held securely.  The powerful mechanical springs are capable of withstanding 6,000 pounds of weight.

There comes the issue of worrying if the Orscheln Products’ cab lock systems are installed and aligned correctly within your machinery. How can one be sure if everything is placed safely? Orscheln covers your concerns by providing a compensated 3″ diameter placement for the top and bottom of your cab lock so you don’t have to worry about exact precision placement. Not only do we provide compensation in the target spot, but the product can be exited in any direction at 30 degrees. The cab lock also comes equipped with a interlock which allows the unit to hold the hook until everything is seated.  If you are looking for a cab lock that is easy to use, then Orscheln Products’ Cab Lock System by Orscheln is perfect.  Contact Orscheln Products’ sales team for more information on this product or any of our other products!