Orscheln Products Offers Fully Calibrated Fluid Level Indicator Systems

Orscheln Producs Fluid-Level-Indicators

Orscheln Products manufactures a quality line of fully calibrated fluid level indicator systems for a variety of vehicles in the heavy-duty marketplace. The patented Twist2Lock® fluid level indicators feature a locking cap and assembly process that can help to offer increased accuracy of measuring fluid levels. The fully calibrated fluid level indicator systems from Orscheln Products feature a tube, locking cap, and an indicator, as required. These fluid level indicator systems are designed to offer the following benefits: easier routing, a design that helps eliminate oil leakage “blow-by” at the cap, the Twist2Lock® cap helps eliminate loose or lost sticks, and the colored, prominently labeled caps help users properly identify each fluid. Orscheln’s fluid level indicators are available in a range of designs and options. To learn more about these systems, contact the Sales Team at Orscheln Products today.