Orscheln Products Offers Electronic Throttle Pedals

pedals yoAs a leading manufacturer of motion control systems, Orscheln Products produces a line of electronic throttle pedals in both floor-mounted and suspended designs that are configured to deliver a precise signal that interacts with an engine’s electronic fuel management system. Both the floor-mounted and suspended electronic foot pedals from Orscheln Products feature the following:

  • Lightweight components, available in all polymer or polymer and steel materials.
  • Durable design
  • Corrosion-resistance
  • Complies with FMVSS-124
  • Options for pedal angle
  • Connector options and harness lengths

Additionally, the suspended electronic foot pedals feature a fire wall mount.

Orscheln’s team of engineers is able to design a custom solution if one of the standard electronic throttle pedals does not meet a customer’s unique specifications.
To get more information about Orscheln Products’ electronic throttle pedals, contact the Sales Team.