Orscheln Products Offers a Range of Park Brake Cables for Trucks

Park-Brake-CablesOrscheln Products has decades of experience in producing a range of park brake cables for trucks, designed to be durable, corrosion-resistant, and dependable. In order to determine which specific cable meets the needs of a customer, the size of the cable required must first be determined. Orscheln offers park brake cables for trucks in two standard sizes:

  • The 1/8” PBT park brake cables for trucks are designed for light to medium duty applications and are rated at 1,200 pounds or less.
  • The 3/16” PBT cables are ideal for heavy-duty applications and are rated at 3,000 pounds or less.

Next, the fittings required for the application are selected, along with the mounting points. Finally, the lengths required should be identified. Use this cable sketch sheet to help determine which of Orscheln Products’ park brake cables for trucks is best for your individual application.

Contact the Orscheln Products Sales Team for more information about these park brake cables for trucks.