Orscheln Products, located in Moberly, Missouri, manufactures reliable Engine, Valve, and Pump Controls.

Orscheln Products, located in Moberly, Missouri, manufactures  reliable  Engine, Valve, and Pump Controls for both on-road and off-road applications, and for both original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket requirements.

Orscheln Products Engine Controls: What make Orscheln Products’ engine controls different is that they are manufactured with rugged steel construction, which offers more reliability, rigidity, and durability than aluminum die castings. If you use the Orscheln Products engine controls in conjunction with the Orscheln Products cables and modulators, the engine controls are part of a complete system that you can rely on.

Orscheln Products Valve Controls: Orscheln Products offers selection of lever operated valve controls, which are available for many different purposes and uses. Orscheln Products offers more traditional spring-centered valve control levers to more heavy duty levers with standard and push button, gated configurations. With Orscheln Products’ valve controls, you can rest easily knowing that Orscheln Products uses high quality materials, parts, and that our valve controls have gone through extensive, rigorous testing by our team of engineers.

Orscheln Products Pump Controls: Orscheln Products offers pump controls in both the rugged, T- release type “Felsted™” style and the economic, side push button release, NG style. Orscheln Products is proud of the fact that many pump control applications can generally be solved with one of the Orscheln Products’ standard pump controls in either the shifter or heavy duty lever design.