Orscheln Products’ Electronic Push Button Shift Selectors

Electronic push button shifter

Orscheln Products, a global supplier offering a wide range of motion control products and systems to the heavy-duty vehicle and aircraft marketplace, offers electronic push button shift selectors. Orscheln Products’ push button shift selector has multiple features that are engineered to provide flexible solutions for electronic shift control requirements. The electronic push button shift selector’s bright OLED is designed to provide for display options, button labeling and bezel configuration. Its U-bracket mount and wiring connection is engineered to assist in easier installation. The shift selector is engineered to be powered by the driver control module, and is designed to have a graphic display advisory system. For interface with vehicle systems, CAN communication is enabled. An additional feature of the electronic push button shift selector is a programmable circuit board, along with vehicle interlock flexibility. For more information about electronic push button shift selectors, Contact Orscheln Products’ Sales Group today!