Motion Control Systems Distributor

Motion Control Systems Distributor

Unforeseen break down of equipment? We bet you need a F.A.S.T. motion control systems distributor.

When your equipment is down due to a broken cable, or any other product, you need a replacement quick!  Luckily, Orscheln Products offers our custom Motion Control Systems Distributor and assembler program –F.A.S.T.® 

Did you see what we did there?

What is the F.A.S.T. motion control systems distributor program?

Built with our customers is mind, Orscheln Products L.L.C. has a global network of over 110 distributors and assemblers located around the world to meet your needs. We have locations in North America, Europe, India and China.

Our assemblers will utilize the same quality components we utilize at our facilities. So you can rest assured that you are receiving a high quality product just closer to where you are!  A customer made replacement cable in a very short amount of time. Who wouldn’t love that?

Our F.A.S.T.® distributors have access to our other Orscheln products, not just cables. We encourage you to contact a distributor about stocking the items you use the most so these products will be available to you  F.A.S.T.® and eliminate the need to carry inventory at your facility.

A motion control systems distributor with a history of success.

Since our founding in 1946, Orscheln’s family of products has grown to include Park Brake Systems, Control Cables, Fluid Level Indicators (Dipsticks), Electronic Throttle Controls and Electronic Shift Controls. Orscheln Products also produces the Felsted line of heavy duty Mechanical Cables, Foot Pedals and Shifters. Orscheln has expanded to serve the on-highway, off-highway, aircraft, military, marine and specialty markets.

Your customer centered motion control systems distributor. Search and locate FAST Distributors near you.

That’s us!  To take our service to customers to the next level, Orscheln Products has a distributor cable assembly program, called F.A.S.T. ®. This program has over 110 locations worldwide, allowing customers to receive Orscheln quality products in low volumes with a quick turnaround.

Interested in becoming a distributor? Great! Use our form and we’ll be in touch.