Mechanical Control Cables for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Control-CablesOrscheln Products engineers and manufactures quality heavy-duty mechanical control cables for OEMs and aftermarket customers around the world. As a leader in the global mechanical control cable market, Orscheln Products provides diverse options to satisfy many OEM and aftermarket customer needs. Mechanical control cables from Orscheln Products are created from a variety of manufacturing capabilities, including stamping, plating, injection molding, stranding, and extrusion. Orscheln Products has four international locations, including North America, Asia, Europe, and India. These four international Orscheln Products are designed to allow mechanical control cables to be more readily available worldwide. It is easy for OEMs and aftermarket customers to get the mechanical control cables desired with Orscheln Products. Find a local F.A.S.T.® distributor or ship internationally by contacting the Orscheln Products Sales Team. Click here to contact Orscheln Products’ Sales Team today.