Electronic Shift by Wire

Are you on the market looking for an electronic shift by wire system?

electronic shift by wire

Orscheln Products L.L.C. offers a unique solution that is designed for transmissions with a mechanical interface (e.g. Allison™ 1000/2000 Series) – our leading technology in electronic shift by wire systems. Our ESAS takes the transmission with a mechanical interface and provides a shift by wire system which then can operate over CAN J1939. The ESAS can program to communicate with the TCM, providing diagnostic feedback. If you are in need of bump shifting for your applications, Orscheln Products has the capability to provide this solution.

What is a shift by wire system?

Shift by wire is the system by which the transmission modes are engaged/changed in an automobile through electronic controls without any mechanical linkage between the gear shifting lever and the transmission. With an ESAS you can interface a broad range of transmissions and Electronic TCMs where mechanical actuation or electronic shift signal is required.

Why an electronic shift by wire system from Orscheln Products?

Our ESAS has a “high output” actuator motor design which provides a quality and sufficient strength to pull out of parking position even in extreme temperatures. With the linear shaft output, your actuator can be set up for either a direct connection or a remote connection using a control cable.  Orscheln Products supplies the world with innovative solutions. Established in 1946, Orscheln Products has built a reputation as the leading global supplier of motion control systems.

Shift by Wire Actuator

ESAS has been developed around the Allison(TM) 1000/2000 Series mechanical and electrical interfaces and has been adapted to interface with numerous transmissions and shift control systems.

Other electronic motion control solutions from Orscheln.

Orscheln’s Electronic Throttle Control Systems (ETCS) are designed with our end users first and foremost. Orscheln strives to provide the best products on the market to meet our aftermarket and OEM customer’s needs.  Orscheln’s throttle systems deliver a precision signal which can communicate with the engine’s electronic fuel management system and provide an easy and seamless responsive interface with the operator. Orscheln products are designed, and have the potential, to work in a wide variety of industries – from on-highway trucks and buses, off-highway agricultural and construction equipment to a wide range of specialty vehicle uses.

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