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Orscheln Products L.L.C. is considered a leading company among mechanical control cable manufacturers. Orscheln’s manufacturing and engineering capabilities have strengthened and defined our hold in the motion control systems industry for over 70 years of business. At Orscheln, we have had experiences that allowed us to mold and shape a company our customers will trust. Orscheln’s team of control cable manufacturers are readily available to help and assist our customers at any given time.

Orscheln designs and manufactures unique cable controls that can be customized to fit a variety of needs, specific preferences, or application requirements. As control cable manufacturers, Orscheln’s team can design and manufacture the entire cable control system in-house. Our cable controls are covered in a thick, polymer jacket to aid in protection against water, dirt, and other issues that may arise.

Orscheln Products has over 100 F.A.S.T cable assembly distributors located in over 25 countries across the globe. This allows for effective and efficient distributing patterns. We strive to complete orders in a reasonable, timely manner that allows our customers to proceed back on the road in no time.

Orscheln’s in-house control cable manufacturers

Orscheln’s team of professionals are highly dedicated to exceeding our customer’s needs. We have the ability to perform a handful of services in-house that benefit our customers. Orscheln’s capabilities are diverse and comprehensive.

  • Die casting & Injection molding: Die casting and injection molding are mechanical control cable processes that mold and melt metals under extremely high temperatures. The melted metal is poured into a cast or frame and is then hardened into a desired shape.
  • Stranding and extrusion: Stranding is a manufacturing process conducted by control cable manufacturers that strings together necessary elements. The process of extrusion pushes and collapses metal pieces through a die or mold to obtain the desired shape.
  • Stamping and plating: Plating layers multiple sheets of metal onto each other to enhance the object’s strength and qualities.
  • Testing and validation: Our in-house control cable manufacturers test and validate each control cable that is produced. We ensure that the products will be reliable and durable.

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