Cable Lever for On Highway Applications ?

Looking for a cable lever for your on highway application?

A cable lever, we bet you’re probably looking for a control cable to pair with a lever. We’ll help you out and feature a few of our lever options. Orscheln Products can offer levers for on highway applications designed on the principle of variable mechanical advantage.

 Cable Lever

Consider our lever options.

For standard levers, Orscheln Products “Overcenter” Park Brake Levers and Foot Pedal Levers rank among the most popular and commonly used. There are different mounting configurations, handle length, locking, and light switch options available. For most applications, a standard “overcenter” or foot pedal lever is the best option. However, where specific mounting or other features are required, Orscheln holds the capacity to design a lever to meet your specific needs.

Get started choosing a lever.

Choose whether you want a foot or hand control, then determine the mounting style needed for where you are going to locate the lever, lastly choose any additional features you need. Orscheln’s hand lever provides a screw-type adjustment feature which can allow the operator to make system adjustments. This is accomplished by simply turning the adjustment knob on the lever handle.

Using these standard levers where possible can generally provide shorter lead-times and lower costs. When custom designs are needed, we offer many options and variations. The key characteristics to remember when designing a lever system include safety, required lever output, mounting location, operator access, and handle effort. Mounting bracket design should be determined by travel, cable clamp pattern, and mounting preference.

Not what you’re looking for? See our mechanical control cables. 

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