Turn to Orscheln Products for Quality Lathe Operations

Orscheln Products’ team is capable of producing custom parts for customers with unique specifications. With eighteen high speed, large volume, multi-spindle lathes and seven computer controlled lathes, Orscheln Products is ready to deliver a variety of custom parts and products to consumers. After the parts have been created by Orscheln’s quality lathe operations, options are also available for various finishing’s and can be put through an aqueous parts cleaner that helps clear away any leftover particulate or trapped chips from the custom part. The quality lathe operations team at Orscheln Products can create parts from a variety of materials, including stainless steel (300 and 400 series, and precipitation hardened), high alloy steel, brass, aluminum, and more. To learn more about Orscheln Products’ quality lathe operations please contact the Sales Team today.