Quality Tested Airplane Controls

As one of the world’s top engineer for quality tested airplane controls, Orscheln Products is dedicated to the airplane control needs of OEMs and aftermarket customers. Orscheln Products helps ensure reliable customer service by offering in-house quality testing capabilities such as:

  • Screw MachineAircraft-Control-Cables2-300x170
  • Prototyping
  • UV testing
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Chrome-free coating process
  • and much more

While Orscheln Products has plenty of in-house quality testing capabilities to satisfy the needs of OEMs and aftermarket customers, Orscheln Products conducts additional testing. Orscheln Products designs quality tested airplane controls to provide a best-fit for customers. OEMs and aftermarket customers can trust Orscheln Products to provide quality tested airplane controls. If you are ready to contact a member of the Orscheln Products Sales Team to place your order, click here.