Quality Shift Inhibitors from Orscheln Products

motion control systems north americaOrscheln Products, a global leader in the production of motion control systems for the heavy-duty marketplace, produces a line of quality shift inhibitors, designed to prevent costly drive train damage due to high RPM shifting. In vehicles with automatic transmissions, especially those involved in stop-and-go operations, extensive and expensive damage can potentially be done to the transmission and drive train if the driver does not always shift at the proper time. Orscheln’s shift inhibitors are designed to combat the potential for damage by delaying the shifting process until the engine has returned to idle speed.

The components of Orscheln Products’ quality shift inhibitors include:

  • Shift inhibitor control
  • Engine speed sensor
  • Speed switch
  • Airbrake Tubing
  • Push-Pull cable
  • Fittings
  • Transmission connection kit

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