Quality Fluid Level Indicators (FLI) from Orscheln Products

Orscheln Producs Fluid-Level-Indicators

Orscheln Products, a global industry-leader in motion control systems and products, is proud to produce high quality fluid level indicators for many engine and transmission uses. Orscheln’s Twist2Lock® Fluid Level Indicators (FLI) feature a patented manufacturing process and locking cap designed to protect fluid levels from leakage and provide accurate level feedback. This design can lead to greater engine and transmission efficiency and performance. The locking caps also feature clear fluid labels and come in a variety of colors designed for easier identification and use. The Twist2Lock® fluid level indicators (FLI) from Orscheln Products come as a calibrated system including a tube, locking cap, and indicator. If you are interested in Orscheln’s quality fluid level indicators and would like to learn more, contact the Sales Team today.