Quality Electronic Hand Throttles

Electronic-Hand-Throttle21-300x225If you are looking for a quality electronic hand throttle for your engine, Orscheln Products is here to help. Orscheln Products assists OEMs and aftermarket customers in their search for high quality products by offering them their high quality electronic hand throttles. Orscheln Products offers two different kinds of hand throttles to better fit each customers unique requirements. The first option is a design that incorporates the Orscheln Hall Effect Sensor and a short lever arm attachment for better hand operation by its user.

Electronic-Hand-Throttles11-300x300The second option by Orscheln Products for electronic hand throttles is the EV2 vernier control, which has been designed to provide precise, variable engine speed adjustment on electronically controlled stationary engines, or from a remote operating position on mobile equipment. It has an easily identifiable knob that provides the user with continuous engine speed regulation from idle to full throttle, providing fine engine speed adjustment.

If you are interested in learning more about Orschelin’s electronic hand throttles, contact the sales team today.