Orscheln Products Provides Surface Finishing for Mechanical Parts

corrosion protection

Orscheln Products provides surface finishing for mechanical parts. From painting to corrosion protection, Orscheln’s surface finishing options meet most customers’ surface finishing requirements. Orscheln utilizes industry-leading Magni® Paints on its products. These paint options come in the standard silver and black in addition to over eighteen different colors. Orscheln’s surface finishing process for mechanical parts is designed to provide durability. The extended salt spray protection is designed to provide up to one thousand hours of protection and the Hexavalent Chromate-free systems Orscheln uses can help reduce environmental impact of the surface finishing process. In addition to this environmentally-conscious practice, Orscheln also uses triple counterflow rinsing techniques that can reduce water usage during surface finishing by nearly 99%. To learn more about Orscheln Products’ surface finishing for mechanical parts, please contact the Sales Team.