Orscheln Products Provides Lathe Operations for Custom Parts


If a standard Orscheln Products part does not meet a customer’s unique requirements, the Orscheln team is trained to provide a custom solution. After the part is designed, Orscheln’s Lathe Operations Team can manufacture the custom part by using one of Orscheln’s high speed, large volume, and multi-spindle lathes. If a part requires even more intricate detailing, Orscheln’s computer-controlled lathes are designed to handle the task with precision. The Orscheln lathe operators are prepared to handle most materials that are requested, including stainless steel, high alloy steel, brass, aluminum, and others. After the parts are created, the Orscheln Painting and Plating Department can professionally paint and plate the part, saving the customer time and money by avoiding shipping the parts elsewhere to be finished. To learn more about Orscheln’s lathe operations, contact the Sales Team today.