Orscheln Products is the Leading Plating & Coating Provider.

Orscheln Products is the Leading Plating & Coating Provider for your machinery needs.   What’s unique about Orscheln Products is that we are your one-stop shop to prevent and correct corrosion.  We go above and beyond the competition as we can make, plate, and finish your components – custom to your specifications.  Orscheln Products features industry leading Magni® paints, which not only come in the standard silver and black but also over 18 different colors.  At Orscheln Products, we encourage and follow sound environmental practices.  Therefore, all materials used in the process are Hexavalent free, whether it’s chrome, metal, or electro-plating.  Our processes use no Chromate and no Cadmium so you can rest assured that we are protecting the environment while protecting your components. Click here to view more about Orscheln Products’ Plating and Coating services.